Some news from Lorinna - Tasmania - Australia

Some news from Lorinna - Tasmania - Australia 
Welcome to my daily experience.

As far as I remember, I always liked to write. And now in English. I like this exercise as I write with my own words. I feel like a need to be more creative.
I don’t know why but when I write in English I can more personal, I’m less shy than the write French. 

Before to come here I was already passionate about nutrition. 
Maybe I felt my future way who will happen here. 

But here I had a perfect revelation of that. 
I cooked everything. Vegetarian/vegan food and gluten free. My relationship with food is more and more lovely. I feel more gratitude and vibration about that. Because food is a part of our. It’s becoming a loving part of you and made your body and mental more strong.

In this place  I learned to make home made food cooked on the fire-oven with wood (not very easy the first time, but I can say you : the food are more delicious than a classic oven).
 l knew made bread dough/pizza dough gluten free and healthy. 
All the sweet cakes /mousse/muffins/muesli/nuts milk(…) sugar/gluten free and vegan.
And cooked every meals burger/salad/Dahl/soup/all the vegetables for more 10 peoples… 
I found this amazing to prepare and share this energy. To give of the other people a vibration food.

Take care of each other thank’s a positive meal and you’ll be more H A P P Y to make it by yourself !

And when we are hungry we eat just a fruit or some nuts. Just simple life, you know ?
We drink tea & herbal tea all the day, sometime with garden’s herbal tea like lemon balm.

My body and my mind feel so good, all of this have blended, their dance together on the perfect rhythm of my breath. I’m feel like child, insouciance and vibrant. A good energy move in my blood. My hair grow up quickly, I’m fit, I’m in very good health.

An over think is magic : Arana’s garden. You can found a lot of food you need. Fresh & organic vegetables grow thank’s to permaculture and a lot of love.
 -I took some pictures to show you this little paradise- 

To conclude this part- Life’s too short to eat flavor less out-of-season produce. So experiment, make recipes and enjoy good food with the people you love.

All of that are very inspiring. If I imagine my future I would like a garden like this and some chicken to have my eggs. My kitchen will view of my garden, equip with essentials thing (and a thermomix; that’s perfect to make everything) some kitchen equipment (very good knife, so important). 
A lot of nuts/beans/ seeds/teas, oils… Just simple food without transformation. I could transform that by myself. I would a house (wood house? May be, yep) that will use sun energy for electricity. 

Here it’s the perfect place to dream about that, to learn and to share. 
Here I build my life, my future to live happy. Thank’s to this journey in Lorinna I know which way I would to take. Sometimes I need just to sit down take a breath and use visualization to feed my spirit. I feel a lot of energy. When I think my way are so light and brilliant. I’m positive. Always. 
And I think it’s the key of the success. 
Maybe I can write about this subject to : positive mind and visualization. I would to share with you all the thoughts who live in my flow.

Thank’s lovely Arana, this strong woman with an amazing flow. 

Lovely you.


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