I have moved away

I have moved away from my little sweet home for 1 month. And I can say… I feel great! 
I’m learning everything and it’s all very inspiring for my future.

What’s happening here in Lorinna is just incredible. The lifestyle of living in the season leaves space for experimenting. I’m learning a lot about myself too. The energy is eternally recycled, and my life makes sense. 

The power of a wild & free woman. 

Each morning I move to the rhythm of my breath. Each day I find harmony with my mental, emotional and physical health. My personal experimentation of my life has come from simple techniques that anyone can do. 

All the little butterflies have freedom in my belly, thanks to the natural flows of life: 
And when I take care of  Bru & Minnow, I feel like a child of the earth again : pure breath, artistic expression, cooking fresh & organic vegetables from Arana’s garden, eat chocolates and healthy cakes, play with everything, listen to good music and live connectedly.

In this « sanctuary » (community) we live in the present moment. 
  • Beautiful connection to others ; connection to every living creature upon this earth. 
Standing on this place of mountains covered in trees and fields of green.

During my journey a new earth emerged at my fingertips. I look at the stars (very bright stars) & the full moon. I listen as the breeze softly kiss the trees in the garden. I listen to the sound of many creatures, like the wallabies hopping and the « monkey » cry of the Kookaburra bird (a native Australian bird). It’s like a jungle. 

What I’m learning here is that: you will become your own medicine, to listen to the message of your body; it’s always speaking to you. 
There are so many mindfulness practices out there to nurture yourself with love and compassion. 

Find something that you love, and do it with passion. Be open-minded and keep inspired. Live with passion. 

And it’s this mindset that makes me feel at home. A lot of ideas grow in my mind and it encourages me to learn about nutrition, specially Yoga. 
I feel inspired to share my journey. 

And here is the best place to do this, with wonderful people. Human energy & magic in the area. A lot of good vibes, and I’m full of love. A lot of butterflies fly in my belly (and currently, I’m writing on my bed listening to music, with Minnow next to me who is drawing a beautiful butterfly for me). 

My favorite place in this sweet home is the kitchen. We have everything here to cook vegetarian/fresh/organic food. A lot of fruits can be found on the kitchen bench. Arana has so many beautiful and amazing books about healthy, vegetarian(as well as gluten free) nutrition. 

I learn with these recipes, the recipes of the perfect life. As I’ve said, it’s the perfect place to prepare everything with love. 

These nutrition experiences are what I’d like to share with you.

Lovely you.

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